Guard Your DApp, Shield Their Crypto

W3A API seamlessly integrates KYT, real-time scam detection and alert, wallet risks scoring, and transaction insights into your platform.

Fortify user protection against crypto threats with ease

Shield off Web3 risks and scams

Keep your users safe from potential crypto threats with comprehensive risk reports and real-time alerts. W3A uncovers suspicious transaction patterns, scams, fake assets, and other Web3 risks by examining associated contracts, assets, and wallet activity.


Labeled data


NFTs analyzed


Contracts reviewed

Illuminate transaction details

Show your users what exactly will happen if they sign a transaction, highlighting all the contracts, addresses, assets, and any associated risks. Armed with these detailed insights, your users can proactively manage risks and achieve their financial goals more efficiently.

Reveal token and collection details

Enable users to explore tokens and collections in detail — from metadata and sales history to potential risks. This will help them navigate the crypto market with confidence and make savvy investment decisions.


Suspicious entities identified


Dangerous transfers and attacks revealed


Exchange labels discovered


Risk address labels located

Deliver wallet health checkup

Allow users to check whether their assets are well-protected with a precise wallet health assessment. W3A defines a wallet health score based on granted token approvals, risky assets, and exposure to poisoning attacks.

Provide a close-up of other wallets

Let your users evaluate the trustworthiness of other users' wallets before interacting with them. They can look into health scores, token approvals, association with shady activity, and more to make sure nothing looks suspicious.

Strengthen your security

Monitor transactions, pinpoint suspicious patterns, and detect clients involved in illicit activities. Leverage unique data to enhance decision-making, market intelligence, and regulatory compliance.

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10 requests per minute


Custom pricing

Unlimited requests

W3A API hallmarks

Intelligible risk reports

Real-time transaction monitoring

100TB labeled data repository

Quick and simple integration

High-level accuracy

Precise AI analytics

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